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I Want to Bring Back the Ward System

01.  What’s a Ward System you ask?  It is the system almost every municipality uses, where communities are divided up, so citizens can elect their own ‘Ward Councillor’ to represent them – at City hall.  Currently we use the “At Large” system where eight representatives (and one mayor) from any part of town are selected to represent you and your community.

People in Niagara often talk about not feeling heard in local government.

My belief is by bringing back this better democratic system – we can establish community/neighborhood associations to give people a better feel of belonging to their neighbourhoods.  Everyone can take pride in their communities – participate in conversation with their neighbours – which will absolutely help address problems they may face, at City Hall, through their Ward Councillor.


Preservation of our Green Space and Historical Properties – Many residents I have touched base with are concerned about issues pertaining to development and the loss of our natural green space.  One example is the proposal along River Road – to build massive condos along the gorge wall is not a project I think is very smart.  It would be very damaging to (rock below: read about the Schoellkopf Power Plant Collapse 1956 as a reference) the historic, established Bed & Breakfasts along the front.  Ultimately, I feel it would allow the GREEN LIGHT to other developers to come in and buy up more properties along the parkway to tear them down and put up more high-rises.  A better solution could be gentrification to areas that have been ignored in town and could use the economic boost?

Niagara Falls has an incredible history.  Many of our beautiful buildings around downtown have an interesting and rich historical story.  It outlines and educates people on our impact from the creation of Canada, to our impact during the turn of the century when Niagara Falls was a hub for the industrial era due to our tremendous energy source.  I feel that properties such as, Drummond Hill Battle Field and even the Toronto Power Plant (to name a few) deserve more funding to be turned into educational facilities to encourage people to learn about Niagara, and Canada’s past.


Public Transportation – Our current bus routes need more public input.  The hours of operation absolutely need to be addressed.  The buses stop running before a large amount of this city’s work force is ‘off-the-clock’.  This creates huge difficulties for the people living in Niagara that work in areas of tourism that rely on public transit.  These folks cannot commit to jobs in the Tourist District due to the hours these businesses are operating – because the buses stop running so early.  This not only effects the workers not being able to commit to these jobs but it affects businesses and business leaders who are experiencing difficulties hiring.  The cause it related to; many young people who do not drive have parents that do not want to pick up their kids at 2am – and many other people that do not own their own vehicle to get to and from their workplace everyday, do not have disposable money to pay for a cab to and from work.


Continue to look at options to bring Post Secondary Education Facility to Downtown Niagara –  I want to establish and sit-on a committee to make it a reality.  I FIRMLY believe this is a terrific idea and I STRONGLY believe it can be achieved with openness and transparency with the public and City Hall officials.  Collectively, if we are all working together in the smartest way, we will be able to achieve it!’



Vote Jamie Jones  for niagara Falls city council


The Jones Family History in the Community

  • Family moved from England to Chippawa in 1854.
  • Family has lived in Niagara area until today.
  • Great Grandmother Stewart worked for Oneida Factory.
  • Great Grandfather Stewart worked for Sir Adam Beck Power Generation plant when it opened – also started one of the first tourist camps on Lundy’s Lane which is still there today beside Fall’s Manor.
  • Grandfather Jones fought in WWII while living in Niagara.
  • Father worked for General Motors.
  • Generations of my family have always worked in the biggest active industries in Niagara Falls.
  • I have watched the decline of many Niagara factories after NAFTA was signed and understand the difficulties many people went through – as I had family who worked in places like Cyanamid, I can understand what drives Niagara today.
  • I have stayed in Niagara to do my education because I love living here and firmly believe that we need to encourage smart talented people to apply their knowledge and abilities to our economy, rather than lose it elsewhere (i.e. Toronto, Vancouver, US).
  • I moved back to Chippawa to live in a tight knit community where my roots came from.